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Alarm System Malaysia

Smart Alarm Siren System

  • Smart Alarm Siren will make high decibel sound and flash alarm when indoor sensors alarm. Timely and efficiently inform to user about the alarm information

Support Different Smart Plug

* Smart Gateway is required
Zigbee Communication
AC Power
Plug and Play
Alarm System Malaysia

Super High Siren + Explosion-Flashing Strobe

  • High decibel sounder, sound and flash alarm on the spot, great deterrent!
  • Sound alarm up to 95 dB
  • High decibel sound alarm, scared theft away when incident happens at home
Alarm System Malaysia

Plug and Play,
Easy Installation

  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Sound Alarm
  • High Brightness Strobe Alarm
Alarm System Malaysia

Keep Working under Power-Off Status

  • Built-in Back up Battery
  • Keep Working for 4 hours
  • Alarming Last 5 minutes after Power-Off
Alarm System Malaysia
High Compatibility,
Full Protection of Home

Smart Alarm Siren can be compatible with Smart Gateway, user can set through Smart Gateway after networking to make the Smart Alarm Siren work with Zigbee

Sensor Alarm

Smart Gateway

Smart Alarm Siren sound after receiving alarm signal from sensors

Smart Door/

Window Sensor

Smart Water Leakage Sensor

Smart Smoke Sensor

Smart Combustible Gas Sensor

Smart Motion Sensor

Alarm System Malaysia

Quick Network Configuration

to unlock New Smart Living

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Put the plug onto the Smart Alarm Siren and plug into the socket to finish installation

Click the icon for adding devices in APP and enter networking mode

Insert the networking pin into the networking hole and keep for 2 seconds, until light flash (twice/sec), and enter networking mode. After light keep on for 2 seconds and then go off, networking finish. Then refresh the APP interface, you can check the smart siren in device list

Product Display
Alarm System Malaysia
Products Parameters
Alarm System Malaysia

Communication method:Zigbee

Product materials:ABS

Whether it contains a battery: No


Communication method: Zigbee

Product name: S2U - Smart Alarm (Siren)

Brand: SmartHome2U

Product size: 80*80*30mm

Working voltage:100-240V

Power supply mode:AC

*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
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