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Smart switch supplier in Malaysia. Looking for the smart switch supplier in Malaysia we are the best smart switch supplier in Malaysia. Smart On/Off switch supplier in Malaysia. Contact our smart switch supplier in Malaysia today.

smart switch supplier in Malaysia

Mobile APP
Remote Control

Control Lights when not at Home

Free to ON / OFF lights with unlimited distance or anywhere of the world
APP to show home lights ON / OFF status
ON / OFF lights by One-Click-Operation via APP without wake up in the dark
All Lights
All Lights

smart switch supplier in Malaysia. Connect with us for the best smart switch supplier in Malaysia. Quality on/off switches at Smarthome2u.

smart switch supplier in Malaysia

Smart Voice Control, Smart Lifestyle
Experience the different inteligent life by voice command with Smart Ai Speaker
Alexa, turn on the living room chandelier
Alexa, turn on the main bedroom small light
Alexa, turn off all lights
Swith ON / OFF 1
Swith ON / OFF 3
Swith ON / OFF 2
Able to turn on a light
individually with voice control
Quality of Life, Smart Connecting Good
Long-lasting edge control with curved aluminum frame
Tempered glass panels and are durable
Back PC flame retardant material to eliminate hidden dangers
Distinguished atmosphere curved aluminum frame
Long-lasting edge control
Tempered Glass Panel
Strong insulation, thermostability, waterproof
Aluminium Frame
Abrasion resistant & anti-falling, matte texture
Touch/Light Guide Layer
Touchscreen Modules for seamless Integration
Chip Module
Relay & chip control center
Back PC Flame Retardant
Flame retardant thick material

smart switch supplier in Malaysia

Normal Operation with Wet Hands
Waterproof & no leakage, touch control after washing hands or bath
Capacities Screen | Touch-Sensitive
Lights ON Condition
Lights OFF Condition
Timing Switch Light
From Beginning to End
Smart ON/OFF Switch always be with you
Waking up in the soothing light setting in the morning
Smart Scene Mode Setting by
Setup various scenario modes in the APP without switch control individually
Light source self-setting, control light switch by One-Click
More Smart Scenario Modes are waiting for your setting...
Smart Sleep Mode
Turn Off All Lights + Balcony Light On
Cinema Mode
Turn Off Living Room Chandelier + Down light On
Romantic Mode
Turn Off Main Light + Light Strips On
Away From Home Mode
Turn Off All Lights
Dual Control / Multi-Control
To change the switch ot Smart Switches for Double & Multi-Control
Reminder: Both switches must be Smart Switches to achieve Dual Control
Wiring Method: Main switch connect to Neutral Wire + Live Wire, Sub switch connect to Neutral Wire
  • High-Performance Wi-Fi Communication Modules
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Fast-Response
  • Long-Lasting Operation
High Sensitivity Controller
High-Speed Operation
Data Immediate Processing
Signal Reception

We are the authorized distributor in Malaysia for smart On/Off switches for your smart home. Compact DIY smart switch used for different kinds of switch boxes.

Wiring Diagram
Live Wire
Light Live Wire
Resistive Load (incandescent light/halogen lamp) Single channel max load not exceeded 800W
Active Load (compact fluorescent light/fluorescent light) Single channel max load not exceeded 500W

installation service Malaysia SMART REMOTE RETOUCH SWITCH

Friendly Reminder
  • There're different electrical wiring during renovation

  • The applied Smart Switch type shall according to the actual situation

  • This product is without Neutral Wire version

  • Please ensure the current switch whether contain Neutral Wire for installation before purchasing!

Current Switch Neutral Wire Determination
  • The standard Neutral Wire is black or blue wire according to operation specifications

  • Some houses electrical cabling are not standard & hard to determine by colors

  • Recommended to seek opinion of property management or professionals

Example for 1 Gang Smart ON/OFF Switch:
Neutral Wire
Neutral Wire
* Recommended professionals for installation as the process involves strong electricity situation
Wiring References

To gently open the back cover by slotted screwdriver

To connect the wire according to text labelled port      (N=Neutral Wire; L=Live Wire; L1-L3 Light Live Wire)

To tighten the screws into model mounting hole

To cover the panel & complete

SmartHome2U APP Connection
Pairing 001_3 Gang Smart Switch.jpeg
  1. Open 'smarthome2u' APP

  2. Click 'Add Device'

Pairing 002_3 Gang Smart Switch.jpeg
  1. Find 'Electrical' Menu

  2. Click 'Wall Switch'

Pairing 003_3 Gang Smart Switch.jpeg
  1. Ensure the Wi-Fi light flashes in upper right corner of switch panel
  2. Otherwise press & hold any key for 8 seconds
Pairing 004_3 Gang Smart Switch.jpeg
  1. 2.4G Network connection

Pairing 005_3 Gang Smart Switch.jpeg
  1. Waiting for connection

Pairing 006_3 Gang Smart Switch.jpeg
  1. Connection complete
  2. Long press to edit switch name
Products Parameters

Product name: Smart ON/OFF Switch


Gang: 1 Gang / 2 Gangs / 3 Gangs / 4 Gangs

Model: Smart ON/OFF Switch


Product dimensions: 86*86*35mm

Wiring method: Live Wire

Control method: Voice control / APP / touch control

Wireless connection: 2.4G 802.15.4

Wireless power consumption: < & = to 0.3W

Affordable humidity: < & = to 80%

Operation life: 100 thousand times

Input/Output voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60HZ


Single channel load: Active load < &=to 500W, Resistive load <&=to 800W

APP control distance: Unlimited distance as long as has network connection

Dual control implementation: Single / Dual / Multi-Control

Max Load: 10A

Panel material: Tempered glass + matte metal frame

Base material: Fireproof PC

Affordable temperature: -40°C to 85°C

*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
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