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Smart Temperature
All Seasons Weather / Climate Perceptions
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Exception Reminder
  • Smart Linkage
  • Low Battery Reminder
*Smart Gateway is required
Zigbee Communication Module
Low Power Consumption
Low Battery Reminder
Smart Linkage
Tool-Free Installation
Real-time Temperature Monitoring
In control of Environment Climate Conditions
  • High sensitivity sensor

  • Accurate perception of changes in ambient temperature & humidity

  • Check the real-time data through APP

  • View the history record of last 6 months

Low Battery Alert
Timely Reminder to Change Battery
  • Turn on low battery alert function in advance via App

  • App Reminder - Change battery in time when the battery is almost exhausted

  • Get rid of low battery anxiety from now


Integration of Temperature & Humidity Sensor with other Smart Devices through Smart Gateway for a comfortable living home anywhere

Smart Scenario setting via APP

Automatic Temperature Adjustment

Hot / Cold Weather scenario = Air Conditioner Auto-Cooling / Auto-Heating

Smart Temperature Sensor
Smart Gateway
Smart IR Controller

Smart Scenario setting via APP

Automatic Humidity Adjustment

Moist / Dry Air scenario = Air Humidifier / Dehumidifier Auto-Turn-On

Smart Temperature Sensor
Smart Gateway
Air Humidifier/ Dehumidifier

Smart Scenario

Comfortable Smart Home

  1. Smartphone connects to 2.4GHz network Wi-Fi

  2. Download "smarthome2u" APP

  3. Register & Login

  1. Ensure Smart Gateway is configured successfully

  2. Ensure Temperature & Humidity Sensor is within the gateway effective coverage

  1. Open the APP

  2. Add device button at "Smart Gateway" page

  3. Select "Temperature & Humidity Sensor"

  1. Use the card needle to insert into the hole

  2. Press and hold for more than 5 seconds until the led light flashes

  3. Enter the network configuration mode/module

  1. Follow the APP instruction

  2. Add device successfully

  1. Find device at "My Home" list

Quick Network Configuration

to unlock New Smart Living

FCC US Mandatory
Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification
CE European Union Mandatory Safety Certification
REACH EU Chemical
Regulatory System Certification
RoHS EU Environmental Protection Certification
of Electronic and Electrical Products

Authoritative Certification

& Quality Assurance

Product List
Device x 1
Battery x 1
Needle Pin x 1
Manual x 1
Products Parameters

Product name: S2U - Smart Temperature Sensor

Product size: 37*37*12mm

Net weight: 12g

Battery type: CR2032

Network Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz

Voltage: 2.4V-3.3V

Detecting range: ambient temperature & humidity

Electric currents: average 5 mA (Zigbee)

Stand-by currents: <3uA

Battery life: 12 months and above (calculate in 210mAh battery)

Installation: paste method

Transmission distance: 10-30m for indoor; 30-50m for outdoor

*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
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