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Smart AI Door Lock
Open Door at Once & Easily
Free handle with recognition speed /0.5s
4+1 Door Unlock Methods
Smart Card
Smart Control
Key Unlock
Door Open In One-Step
Open Door with One-Action Fingerprint fit perfectly at door lock handle

•    Prevent electromagnetic interference

•    Separate control system in the panels

•    OLED screen with English operation menu

•    M-link 2.0 system with 3-level management
  • The door is automatically locked when the door is  closed, blessing the forgetful users.
  • weaker resistance and quieter use experience. Rotating windproof directional tongue can provide.
  • The patented noise-reduction full-auto mortise lock helps users to unlock/lock the door under the silent mode.
  • When relatives and friends come, share the temporary password by the V end. This password is valid for single use only during 2 hours. 
  • If the smart lock is sent through a single channel, the  message cannot be received, effectively preventing  information leakage and anti-eavesdropping and  hijacking alarms.
Technical Innovation Patented Lock
Full Automatic Lock
Intelligence Tecnology
Full Auto Lock Body
Technical Innovation
Patented Product
To Prevent Children /
Pets From Open Door
Anti-peep function increases safety of our home
A Safe Life Starts Now
Prevent thief open the door through
the peep hole from outside
Prevent pet to open the 
door accidentaly
  • Excellent at distinguish fake and shallow fingerprint
  • Fingerprint self-learning algorithm and memory function
  • The longest used, the more sensitive
Advanced Biological
Fingerprint Reader
National Security Fingerprint Algorithm Chip
Independent modular design with secured Lingque 908 fingerprint chip
To improve the safety, anti-risks & anti-emergency ability of device
Fingerprint Algorithm Engine
Feature Template Operations
3D Chip
Deep Learning
Anti-Sneaking, Anti-Embarrasing
Open Door without Hidden
Anti-Tracking | Anti-Stalking
Even girls can open the door calmly if there are strangers around
20 Virtual Passwords
Able to enter random numbers within 20 digits anytime
Random numbers include continuous correct passwords for unlock purpose
Supports 99% Door Types on the Market
Mahogany Doors, Stainless Steel Doors, Security Doors, Copper Doors
Products Parameters

Product name: S2U - Smart AI Door Lock

Product size: 368*75*25.5mm    

Gross weight: 4KG

User capacity: 100 Groups

Fingerprint reader: Semiconductor sensor

Password function: Virtual password; password protection

Fingerprint identification time: ≤0.5s

Mechanical keys: 2

Working environment: -20ºC - 75ºC

Working power: 8*1.5V / (4pcs AA alkaline battery)

Communication method: Wi-Fi

Suitable door thickness: 45 - 100mm

Operation system: Classic voice prompt

Material: Zinc alloy + ABS

Password input: Touch key

Chip system: Dual CPUs and Dual system

Application: Wooden or metal doors

*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
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