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Modern Office

Who Are We?

We are a leading ICT (Information and Communications Technology) company with full capabilities in pursuing Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) challenges to provide best unique solutions for you.

Explosoft International Sdn Bhd. (618452-M) is a well-established company, with cumulative experience and knowledge over a decade since 2003 in software exploration and development. We cover web-based system, mobile applications, hardware and software integration and various other solutions.

Common Room

Own A

Smart Home!

Start simplify your life by being in control of your home now. Imagine by just saying “I am Back”, your room light turn on, air-conditioner begins to cool your living room, and your favorite music starts playing on your hi-fi. That’s a smart home. And by saying “Good Night” that turns everything off when you go to bed. That’s smart living!

Peaceful Home

The Initial Resolution of HOME

To build a safety and comfortable lifestyle

The Initial Resolution of SMART HOME

To establish the intellectualized living experience and provide the reality demands’ solutions

Using a Touch Phone

The Advantages of SMART HOME SYSTEM

  • Safety Assurance

  • Security Reassurance

  • Comfortable Lifestyle

  • Durable Guarantee

  • Economize Guarantee

  • Self-Actualization

  • High-End Technology

  • Green and Environment Protection

Home Electronics

Our Smart Home System integration solutions

  • Air-Conditioning

  • Lighting switch

  • Lighting bright and dim control

  • Television

  • Home Theater System

  • Fan

  • Curtain

  • Voice command, Remote and Timer

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