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8 Features to look for in a Home Security Cameras

Updated: May 3, 2023

Smart home automation system solutions Malaysia / Smart home security & safety system Malaysia / Smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia / Home security systems with indoor and outdoor cameras enable you to view the inside and outside space of your home. That let you monitor and control your home from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Thus offers you peace of mind while on vacation or on a business trip.

If you’re shopping for a smart home security & safety system Malaysia / AI smart system features & benefits Malaysia / smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia / home security CCTV/ IP camera either indoor or outdoor, there are a few must-have features to give you the best prevention, control and peace of mind. They come in an array of sizes, shapes and brands, available in both wired and wireless configurations.

Glad to share with you all, Explosoft Smarthome2u offers smart wireless Wi-Fi home security CCTV / IP cameras for indoor and outdoor with ready APP operation, i.e. Smarthome2u app / smart home app Malaysia. Do scroll down to the bottom for brief description of Explosoft Smarthome2u smart wireless Wi-Fi home security CCTV / IP cameras for your information and consideration to buy.

Keep in mind that your surveillance smart cameras / smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia, choice will significantly depend on your home security needs and budgets. Here are the eight (8) common home security camera features as a guideline you should consider before buying it.

HD Video Quality

One of the most important features of a security camera is its image quality. Security cameras with a 1080p HD resolution or better usually have a crystal clear view of what’s happening at your home. As technology continues to advance, there are security cameras with super high video quality resolution; i.e. 4k. (Ultra HD)

Field of View

A camera’s field of view or viewing angle is how much of an area it can see and record. A wider viewing angle will make the camera appear further away and allow you to see more without having to reposition or rotate the camera. Many wireless cameras offer very wide fields of view - sometimes up to 180°. The widest angles are provided by fisheye lenses - some of them even offer a 360-degree picture.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Function

PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. A surveillance camera with PTZ functionality features a rotating lens with directional and zoom capabilities, and the camera can be controlled remotely; It can pan left to right and tilt up and down. The lens also zooms in and pulls out, providing imagery at various distances.

Motion Detection

Nearly all home security cameras / smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia are equipped with motion sensor that will trigger the camera to record video when motion is detected. The sensor can also initiate a push alert to your phone when activity is taking place, and some will also generate an email alert. The best security cameras / smart home security & safety system Malaysia / AI smart system features & benefits Malaysia have custom activity zones to choose the areas that will alert you when there’s any activity, such as someone in your backyard or driveway.

Two-way Audio

When someone comes to your door for instance, the courier/parcel dispatch boy, the smartphone will receive a notification message and allow two-way communication. Built-in microphones and speakers enable you talk with people in front of the camera no matter where you are. Using the smart home app Malaysia / mobile app on your mobile device, you can easily and conveniently enjoy communication wherever you might be.

Night Vision with Smart IR

Most security cameras / smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia have a night vision mode, using infrared LEDs to illuminate the area immediately in front of them so they can effectively see in the dark. One or two LEDs are usually enough to light up a small to medium sized room but, for larger rooms and outdoor spaces, you may need a camera with multiple LEDs; example a floodlight camera. The distance range of night vision should reach at least 10m away. It should also be weatherproof, as this is essential for an outdoor security camera.

Cloud or Local Storage

Security cameras / smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia offer you a choice between cloud and local storage to store your videos. Local storage will require a memory card. Cloud storage safely stores and encrypts your videos. It allows you to view live or recorded footage remotely on your smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere you have an internet connection. Storage options will depend on the cameras.

Smart Home Capabilities

You will have more convenience with smart home capabilities / smart home automation system solutions Malaysia / smart home system Malaysia because it can integrate with smart home product devices Malaysia / smart AI technology Malaysia like the Tmall genie, Google home assistant and/or Amazon Alexa Malaysia for voice commands / smart voice control Malaysia. Other smart home product Malaysia / smart home security & safety devices system Malaysia for instance, are the smart Ai door locks, smart door lock products devices & solutions Malaysia, smart lights and etc.

Mobile Control

Smart home app Malaysia, mobile apps (support mobile phone iOS, Android system) give you full control of your home security camera / smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia, using your smartphone. You’ll get motion-triggered alerts and see live activity on your smartphone. The smart home app Malaysia / mobile app may also give you two-way audio functionality, video storage for easy playback and get person detection alerts when someone is at your home.

Explosoft Smarthome2u

Here are the Explosoft Smarthome2u Wireless/Wired Smart Home Security WiFi CCTV IP Cameras: -

1)Smart AI Indoor CCTV Camera

2)Smart AI CCTV Camera – Battery Version

3)Smart AI Outdoor Waterproof Camera

Product Description / Features

1)Smart AI Indoor CCTV Camera :

Viewing Angle : 360 degree visual coverage

Resolution : 1080P HD

Motion Detection : PIR (motion) Sensor

Night Vision range : 5 – 10 meters

Two-way Audio : 2-way intercom with built-in speaker & microphone

Storage : Support Micro SD card, up to 64GB

Wireless Standard : 2.4GHz WiFi Connection

 Mobile App : Smarthome2u App, support multi-user real-time viewing

Warranty : One (1) year

Ref :

Multi-Angle Free Installation

Fixed bracket, inverted, front-mounted arbitrary adjustment (the picture can be rotated 180 degrees). Desktop, windowsill, ceiling and other places can be placed

Automated Scenarios:-

In combination with other smart home devices, App sets up automated monitoring scenarios such as:-

smart door and window magnetic inductor - Open the door, automatically turns the monitor screen to the door

smart smoke alarm - Induction ambient smoke concentration is too high, automatic rotation of the screen to the alarm place

2)Smart AI CCTV Camera - (Battery Power Version)

Viewing Angle : 120 degree

Resolution : 1080P HD

Dual Motion Sensor : High accuracy, reduce false alert

Night Vision : 8 IR LED, Night visibility up to 5 meters

Two-way Audio : 2-way communication

Storage : Support Micro SD card, up to 64GB

WiFi : Wireless Standard IEEE 802. 11b/g/n

Rechargeable Battery : Can charge via micro USB cable

Low Battery Notification :Get alert when battery capacity reaches 10%

Mobile App : Smarthome2u App

Warranty : One (1) year

Installation : DIY – easy & simple


3) Smart AI Wireless Outdoor CCTV Camera

Viewing Angle : 120 degree

PTZ Control

Able to zoom in and out, or tilt your camera using your smartphone


1080P HD crystal clear video and images

Security Privacy Protection

Military level encryption data transmission, to protect personal data privacy

Motion Detection

When it detects an anomaly/moving object, this device will automatically snapshots picture in real-time, and push the alarm info to the user’s smartphone.

Infrared Night Vision

24 hours HD monitoring. Night surveillance is as clear as Daytime.

Two-way Audio

Enable you to communicate with your family and pets.

Weather & Environment

Waterproof & Dustproof

Mobile App

Smarthome2u mobile app. Support multiple users to view.


Support Micro SD card, maximum 64GB


WiFi + Wired Connection. Always watch surveillance video at any time

Warranty : One (1) year


Smart home security / surveillance cameras are a great and useful tool to achieve a sense of security, as they give you extra eye on your property/premise at all times. If you are not ready to set / build a smart home security system / smart home automation system solutions Malaysia in your home/house, this standalone smart home wireless Wi-Fi indoor or outdoor security camera is definitely a good choice/option.

Your property / house’s layout, budget and home security priority are different than your neighbours’. So, there are no one-size-fits all rule for smart home security camera / smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia when you begin to shop for one. As long as the smart home security cameras, smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia you pick and choose must have the above mentioned eight (8) characteristic will be absolutely fine.

You are welcome to request a demo from Explosoft Smarthome2u, an integration service provider in Malaysia. Here’s their website link for your easy reference and get to know more at on smart home system Malaysia / automation system solutions Malaysia / DIY smart home installation service Malaysia / smart switch supplier in Malaysia / smart motorized curtain / smart door lock products devices & solutions Malaysia / smart AI door lock smart home product Malaysia such as smart gateway, smart ON/OFF switch, smart IR controller, smart motion sensor, smart temperature sensor, smart door/window sensor, smart smoke detector, smart motion sensor, smart video doorbell, smart SOS button, smart remote control, etc.

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