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Telecommunication Survey on Smart Home in Malaysia

Updated: May 3, 2023

While doing my telecommunication survey on Smart Home System Malaysia, targeting groups are as follows:-

1) Ordinary people

2) Electricians/wiring man 3) Interior Designers

The responses received from the ordinary people in Malaysia are they do not know what Smart Home System is at all! Some have not heard about smart home automation system solution Malaysia. They are so curious and wanted to know what is Smart Home? For the electrician / wiring man, I asked them whether they know how to fix smart switch suppliers in Malaysia, to install smart home security & safety system Malaysia, for instance, the smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia? Some answered, they do not know, some said yes with little knowledge only. They informed me that they used to do the traditional way; that is pulling the wires, using the electrical screwdrivers, hammer a nail into the wall, etc. As for smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia, most of the homeowners or their customers normally will call or engage a professional CCTV security systems company to install and guide them how to operate to prevent burglars break into their premises.

Thirdly, the Interior Designers - Bingo - They knew what is Smart Home Automation System Solution in Malaysia but no idea who is Explosoft Smarthome2U! However, as at today no customers or clients are looking for Smart Home System Malaysia and Smart Home Product Malaysia. So I elaborated that these Smart AI Technology Malaysia (Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies) can be collaborated into their interior designs especially residential interior designing. Smart Home Product Malaysia like smart switch supplier in Malaysia, smart door lock products devices & solutions Malaysia, smart motorized curtain, smart AI camera CCTV system Malaysia, regardless indoor or outdoor CCTV , smart motion sensor, smart door/window sensor, smart video doorbell, smart voice control Malaysia by tmall genie, Google home assistant & Amazon Alexa Malaysia and last but not least the Ai facial recognition Temperature screening system Malaysia. Installation of this entire smart home product Malaysia will certainly the smartest and perfect!

Wow, you can imagine how big and huge the market is, for Smart Home Automation System Solution in Malaysia and Smart AI Technology Malaysia. Coupled with everyone owns a smart mobile phone nowadays, the smart home App Malaysia, example the smarthome2u App is available on the App Store and Google Play. According to Research and Markets reported that the Malaysian smart home market is expected to exceed US$235 Million by 2025.

Guess what? The desire to own a Smart Home security & safety system Malaysia is not just belong to the rich and famous group where they own a bungalow, a semi D or a penthouse anymore! SmartHome2U is definitely your dream living lifestyle choice! Oh yeah! Isn't it exciting and thrilled. Come, let’s go and visit the smarthome2u website at , to explore and find out it yourself, who is this integration service provider in Malaysia and what range of smart home product Malaysia are they offering? Remember to “Like” and follow their Facebook at to check out their latest promotions, packages that most suit your needs. If you wish to win a freebie, join and watch their “LIVE” broadcast. The freebie is a smart home device as well, isn’t fun? If you wish to DIY smart home devices/appliances into your house, you are encouraged to watch their ‘LIVE” broadcast at their FB at .You will know how magical smart home is whereby you can plug & play. And how it adds convenience, comfort and peace of mind to you and your family members.

Not to worry, if you can’t do it, smarthome2u does provide DIY smart home installation service Malaysia. I know that they have their own in-house technicians to standby and assist you for the installation services of smart home product Malaysia. The best thing is their smart home show house located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Selangor is ready to visit and viewing. It is well equipped with smart home product Malaysia, for the convenience of those who wants to experience themselves how a smart home environment feels. You will have an idea or a plan to make and transform your home into a smart home.

By hkl_6038 dd 25.03.21

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