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A Whole New Way to Open Your Door

Updated: May 3, 2023

I remembered few years ago, my children sharing with me about the Korean celebrities were using password to open their residence, condominium doors for entry, whilst watching Korean variety show.

As for me, I prefer to watch the Korean drama. Beside to unlock the door via password, I noticed that the actor & actress using their fingerprints. "Wow! So high-tech, secure, convenient and instantly the doors are opened! I murmured in my heart”.

And, I started to wonder “Do we have such elegant, intelligent smart door lock products devices & solutions in Malaysia plus smart home security & safety system Malaysia?” Bravo! The answer is “YES ” !

Smart Home Product, Device Penetration in Malaysia

According to the research firm Statista, the penetration of smart home automation system solutions Malaysia and smart home product Malaysia which includes the smart home security & safety system Malaysia such as; smart door lock products devices & solutions Malaysia currently stands at 4.1% of all households in Malaysia. It is expected to reach 12.6% by 2023.

Traditional Door Lock

Most of the household owners in Malaysia are having the traditional door locks. These traditional door locks need physical keys, such as metal keys to lock and unlock the door.

When it applies to the current scenario of today, we tends to search high & low for keys to open our doors in the case of emergency. Sometime we misplaced or lost our keys and the worst part is the lock is damaged by burglar. To change the physical locks and keys is much more involved, requiring specialized hardware and expertise.

What is A Smart Lock ?

A smart lock transforms a traditional lock into a keyless entry door lock to your home. The name ‘smart lock’ also stems from its ability to be controlled and operated by smartphones, as well as its ability to integrate with other smart home product Malaysia.

The smart lock allows homeowners to control and monitor their locks in a way that traditional locks do not. It provides unparalleled ease of access, comfort, convenient and security.

Smarthome2u Smart AI Door Lock Smarthome2u elegantly designed Smart AI Door Lock system with multiple unlocking options via:-

  • Fingerprint

  • Password

  • Smart card

  • App smart control

  • Key

Features & Function Smart locks offer numerous security benefits and convenience:

  • No worries about a physical key that can get lost, stolen, or copied.

  • Smarthome2u mobile App allows you to send a temporary virtual password, to open the door by friends,property management clients or service workers, like the babysitters.

  • If your home is equipped with a video doorbell, you can also grant entry to unexpected visitors you can visually vet through real-time video chat.

  • Fingerprint Recognition refers as an automated method of identifying the identity of an individual based on the comparison of two fingerprints. It’s secure, fast and accurate.

  • NFC Smart Card is an easy and convenient way to lock & unlock, especially for senior family members.

  • Key refers to a physical key, as back-up key to lock & unlock the door.

  • App Smart Control means, you can control who has access to your home by using a smart home App Malaysia

  • Notification, smart home app Malaysia like the Smarthome2u App will alert you whenever there is an attempted burglary, wrong password input & unrecognized fingerprint to open your door.

  • Smart locks are battery operated; batteries normally last from six months to a year. You’ll get an alert when the batteries need to be replaced so you don’t get locked out because of no power supply.

  • Records enable you to view history of who goes in or out, when and which method is being used to lock & unlock the door.

Support & Installation

  1. Supports : 99% types of doors in Malaysia

  2. Easy installation : Fits over most standard deadbolts and locks

  3. Warranty : One (1) year

  4. System supports : Android or iOS smartphones

  5. Name of App : Smarthome2u App

  6. Power supply : 4 - 8pcs alkaline AA batteries

  7. Batteries lifespan : 12 months

  8. Emergency USB Port : Use power bank to charge battery to unlock the door, in the event of power outage


Keeping your family and your belongings safe and secure are of paramount importance. You need the best smart lock to protect your home and loved ones at all time.

Strongly recommended to visit smarthome2u website at for more details information of the smart door lock products devices & solutions Malaysia and the Smart AI door lock as well as smart home automation system solutions Malaysia. You are welcome to request a demo.

Do follow and “Like” Smarthome2u Facebook for latest updates and promotion at


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